The MCSAA philosophy is to produce Christ-honoring coaches and athletes. The game plan is devised to draw out the student-athlete’s greatest potential – body, mind, and spirit – focusing on four of Christ’s biblical traits: LOVE, INTEGRITY, FAITH, and EXCELLENCE. The goal of honoring Christ is a lifelong endeavor. 

The MCSAA believes:

That athletics are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

That the process is as important as the performance.

That the person (student-athlete) is more important than the program.

The MCSAA is committed to:

1. Supporting coaches and their institutions in a plan that will impact the lives of student-athletes for Christ in the present as well as in the future.

2. Challenging the student-athlete via athletic competition.

4. Expecting academic excellence.

5. Encouraging Christians to be able to best serve family, school, church, and our world.

6. Making a positive impact in developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Athletic participation is a unique experience that prepares Christian men and women for a life of meaningful work and service. The athletic experience provides a dynamic growth process for learning discipline, teamwork, leadership, and mutual respect where the student-athlete and his/her preparation for life are more important to the coaches and the athletic administration than win-loss records and championships.

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